Need Your Website to be Popular?


Search engines play a very important part in peoples everyday lives in todays age of information. Google is by far one of the most popular search engine sites. Your Google rankings determine where your website shows up in the search results. Google is known for their Google doodles, where each day their name on the main page is designed in a specific way to somehow represent that day. The first Google doodle dates back to 1998 and depicts burning man. It was intended to be an out of office message to let people know that the co founders were at the famous festival. As of 2012, over 70 million consumers shop on a mobile device online. And most people with a smart phone, use search engines to find local businesses to frequent.

To get your business within the first of the sites listed in search results, your page has to rate well in certain areas. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a way of implementing specific tools to help improve your website so a search engine will rank it well and it will show up within the top of the results. Search engine optimization costs an average of 61 percent lower than things such as telemarketing. Improving the information on your page, creating trusted links, and adding informative pictures such as infomatics or graphs are just a few tools that can be improved using search engine optimization. Social media sites, such as facebook, twitter, and instagram, are great places to advertise your products, and they are free. Companies that blog have 434 percent more indexed pages, which results in more leads.

A SEO company can help improve your Google rankings by using many different tools. They know just what key words should be in your product titles and your descriptions to make sure that a search engine notices that your page pertains greatly to what the customer is searching for. If your website does not contain the popular words that people use to search for your product, then your website will get lost in the crowd. Your Google rankings are important because if the search engine does not rank your site well then it will not put it to the front of the search results, and it will most likely not get seen because most people find what they are looking for on the first page of results. If your site did not rate well, and you are on the bottom of page three, then you do not have a very good chance of generating a new customer.

You may wonder if it is cheaper or easier to just pay to have your page sponsored or advertised. But natural and organic links generate an average 25 percent higher conversion rates verses pay per click links. People generally just do not trust advertised links as much as the alternative. People generally believe that an advertised link is often spam and not the best option for a lead.

Search engine optimization can be really important to your business if you want to generate online customers. You can talk to a SEO reseller at any time to put together a website that is just right for you. If your website does not accurately represent who your business is and what it offers then potential customers will be confused and more likely to go somewhere else. Make sure that your website is the only place a person need go for answers.
Your Google rankings could be the deciding factor in whether your business thrives or dies.

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